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November 3, 2014

Augmented Reality: When What You Really Want Isn’t Close at Hand, but Your Phone Is

You really want Polaris’ new Slingshot, I mean really, really want it.

You really want Polaris’ new Slingshot, I mean really, really want it. It’s a super-slick, three-wheeled ATV that looks way better than that Speed Buggy thing we all saw on Saturday morning cartoons. Great. So what’s stopping you from taking a look at it? Well, as of now only a few showrooms have it and none of them are near you.

No problem. Polaris’ Slingshot 360º App has you covered. Using augmented reality technology, you can see the Slingshot from every angle imaginable.

Bully! in collaboration with Integer Group created the app with the latest in Augmented Reality technology from Vuforia, a product of Qualcomm Connected Experiences, Inc. The actual machine may not be in front of you, but it feels close at hand because of the stunning detail captured in the Unity3D-based model. The virtual vehicle can be rotated and scaled for optimal viewing and interaction.

Augmented reality has a real strength in the practical application of increasing customer interaction prior to full-scale product launch. The time-to-market window is shrinking and revisions and adjustments are being made right up to the time a product is made available to the public. Feedback loops are faster and more direct from consumer straight to producer. Augmented reality creates a dialogue that is grounded in a more hands-on experience without actually seeing the product in person.

So go ahead, download the Slingshot 360º app and experience it for yourself. You don’t even have to leave your couch.